Conservatory Painters – Wood & uPVC Conservatory Spray Painting

Painting a conservatory is a job for a specialist. Haywood Coatings offer a fast and efficient preparation & paint service using spraying techniques to homeowners with timber, metal or uPVC conservatories or orangeries alike.

If you wish to restore the faded uPVC or change the appearance of your conservatory whatever the material, Haywood Coatings has the solution. With many years of experience in painting intricate constructs with professional spray painting techniques, we have the ability to change the look of your conservatory or orangery to revitalise it and make it ‘look like new’. This makes great sense if you are happy with the function but not satisfied with its appearance.

For example you may wish to change the colour of a conservatory, often from white to a more stylish colour or to simply restore a faded colour in order to make it look like new. Our specialist spraying team provides all of the preparation and application that you need to protect against the weather and to end up with an amazing looking, super smooth finish.

Types of Constructs We Spray Paint:

  • uVPC Conservatories
  • Wooden Conservatories
  • Aluminium Conservatories
  • Orangeries
  • Roof Lanterns

Our paint team will first carefully prepare the exterior of your conservatory by cleaning off dirt, mould, mildew or any existing paint that might be peeling. We will typically use a high build etch primer to rid the surfaces of any scratches or indents in the existing finish, as well as filling any holes as required at the preparation stage.

Next we mask off the glass and sheet up the surrounding area in order to ensure the protection of your floors and any furniture near the work area. The spray paint is then applied by our highly experienced technicians using the HVLP paint spray system. This high end HVLP system ensures a uniform coverage is applied, and overspray is controlled with the result being a finish of the highest standard. This is not only a fast, efficient procedure but will result in your conservatory or orangery looking immaculate, ‘like new’.

Spray Painting Benefits:

  • Quick & Efficient Painting Method
  • Very Cost Effective Compared to Replacement
  • Super Smooth ‘Like New’ Finish

Haywood Coatings offers a bespoke colour matching service, or if preferred clients can opt to choose from a wide range of standard colours. We also can advise on the different types of paint to suit your tastes and circumstances, as well the paint type most suitable for any weather protection purposes.

We Offer:

  • Free Conservatory Painting Quotes
  • Flexibility to Fit Your Schedule
  • Highly Experienced Professionals
  • On time, Courteous & Tidy
  • Expert Colour Matching
  • No Hassle, Minimum Disruption
  • Excellent Value & Durability
  • 5 years life expectancy on all coatings
  • 12 month workmanship Guarantee

If you would like advice or a quote from a professional conservatory spray painting contractor, then speak to one of our dedicated team.

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  Minimum 5 year life expectancy on all coatings
  12 month workmanship Guarantee on all jobs


- Free Quotes & Surveys
- We Fit Your Schedule 24/7
- Highly Experienced Professionals
- On time, Courteous & Tidy
- Expert Colour Matching
- No Hassle, Minimum Disruption
- Always Excellent Value
- Work is Guaranteed for Durability

Got a project in mind or have paint spraying questions? Speak to one of our dedicated team.

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