Exterior Spray Paint Contractors for Masonry & Woodwork

If you own or manage a property that requires external paining you will know that it can be a time consuming and expensive job to keep the appearance maintained and the weather proofing qualities of the property in good order. As opposed to traditional decorators, there are certain benefits of using professional exterior spray paint contractors, especially when large areas are involved.

Haywood Coatings offer a specialist exterior spraying service to home owners, landlords and property professionals. We can re spray paint all types of previously painted walls, woodwork cladding, soffits and facias to provide a superior finish when compared to traditional brush and roller techniques. We can also spray paint new render, masonry and woodwork to provide the layers of protection against weathering as required, as well as great looking smooth finishes.

Exterior Surfaces We Spray:

  • Masonry
  • Woodwork
  • Soffits and Facias

Our spray paint team will first carefully prepare the surfaces by cleaning off any dirt, mildew, or mould, and scraping off any old peeling paint. Next they will mask and sheet up the surrounding areas as required, in order to protect surrounding parts of the property. The spray paint is then applied by our highly experience technicians using the Graco paint jet roller system. This high end airless system ensures overspray is controlled and that a uniform coverage is applied to the highest standard. Not only is this a fast procedure, but provides the property exterior with a much improved finish.

Spray Painting Benefits:

  • Quicker on large areas
  • Highly Cost Effective
  • Superior Smooth Finish

Haywood Coatings can advise on the types of paint available for their weathering and protective qualities as well as offering advice on colour. We provide a bespoke colour matching service, or if preferred clients can opt to choose from a wide range of standard colours.

We Offer:

  • Free Exterior Painting Quotes
  • Flexibility to Fit Your Schedule
  • Highly Experienced Professionals
  • On time, Courteous & Tidy
  • Expert Colour Matching
  • No Hassle, Minimum Disruption
  • Excellent Value & Durability
  • 12 month workmanship Guarantee

Whether you are a Home Owner, an Architect, a Letting Agent – if you are seeking advice or a quote from an exterior spray paint contractor, speak to one of our dedicated team, speak to one of our dedicated team.

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  Minimum 5 year life expectancy on all coatings
  12 month workmanship Guarantee on all jobs


- Free Quotes & Surveys
- We Fit Your Schedule 24/7
- Highly Experienced Professionals
- On time, Courteous & Tidy
- Expert Colour Matching
- No Hassle, Minimum Disruption
- Always Excellent Value
- Work is Guaranteed for Durability

Got a project in mind or have paint spraying questions? Speak to one of our dedicated team.

Call us on 0800 195 4655


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